This Week #1 - Welcome to the club! 🥕

Getting ready for the hot chocolate season with an easy cashew milk recipe and free plant-based resources that you can't miss.

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Welcome to the first post of The Plant-Based Diet Club! If you have a question/suggestion you'd like me to write a post about, let me know here. I'll be happy to write about it in a future post.

In today’s post, I have selected a cashew milk recipe (perfect for a hot chocolate), and 2 free plant-based resources for you.

Recipe time: Creamy Vanilla Cashew Milk

To make a good hot chocolate using vegetable milk it’s best to use an ingredient that has a fair amount of (good) fat. I recommend cashew or coconut milk.

I always have cashews in my pantry because whenever my store-bought milk is over, I can make it myself in just a few minutes. Cashews are also great for easy cheesy recipes like this Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta with Broccoli.

My favorite cashew milk recipe is from Meghan Livingstone:

What you need
  • 1 cup raw unsalted cashews soaked overnight (see trick below)

  • 3-5 cups of water

  • Optional: maple syrup or Medjool dates, vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients on high speed for about 30-60 seconds and store it in the fridge for up to 3 days 👌

A few tips:

  • An alternative to soaking cashews is to boil them for 5min or so (it works for every recipe that calls out for soaked cashews).

  • If you are using dates, I recommend soaking them for a few minutes in warm water.

  • Add just 2 cups of filtered water. Then, add more water as you prefer. I usually add about 3 cups and a half in total because I prefer creamier milk.

  • You can filter the milk if you want, but I skip that, especially because the beauty of this recipe is how simple it is.

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Cool resources 📚💻

Those two resources are awesome if you want to know more about the research on a plant-based diet, get tips from nutrition experts on how to stick to a plant-based diet, and have access to lots of easy, tasty recipes.

Fight COVID-19 With Food

What: Eight-week online classes available on-demand for registrants

Who: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

When: August 25 - Oct 13 at 04:00 PM ET

Price: Free


Summary: With COVID-19, making sure you are eating healthy is more important than ever. Learn from renowned doctors and nutrition experts tips and tools you need to get started on a plant-based diet and take charge of your health!

You can register until Oct 13th to watch the recordings of the previous classes.

21 Day Challenge - Plant-based Health Challenge

What: Plant-Based Health Challenge to receive recipes, nutrition advice, and motivational tips from nutrition experts

Who: Plant-based Health Professionals UK

Price: Free



  • learn the health benefits of a plant-based diet

  • find answers to the common questions regarding a plant-based diet

  • discover delicious, fast, and easy recipes with a 21-day menu suggestion

  • receive motivational tips and techniques

  • find out how to continue your plant-based eating on your own.

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I love Autumn and I’ve already started cooking noodles, stews, soups, and drinking hot chocolate more often.

What is your favorite Autumn recipe? Is there a recipe that makes Autumn so special to you?

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